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Sonic Charge

We specialise in...

EV charger solutions, energy management, and charge point operation.

Sonic Charge specialises in EV charger solutions, including the feasibility, management, procurement, installation, operation, and maintenance. We develop and deliver electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for the government, businesses, and their communities. 

Dynamic load management

Charge Point Operations 

Sonic Charge provides on-going operation and management of EV chargers, allowing for peace of mind that your EV charging stations operate reliabily and as intended. This includes real time charger status, remote operation, amount of energy being used, load management, and reporting on everything important to you.

Additional revenue stream for your business.


As your charge point operator, our EV charging stations can be monetized with various payment and billing options such as pay-per-use, subscription-based, and on-demand charging services. Our customer support and remote monitoring capabilities enable energy management, renewable energy integration, and data analytics to further optimize the charging infrastructure and reduce operating costs.

EV Charger Solutions

We provide reliable and fast supply, installation, and maintenance of EV Chargers is what we do best and we deliver our services through trusted relationships, tailored solutions, and exceptional service.

1. Development

Solutions developed for you from the ground up, ensuring your needs and expectations are met.

2. Delivery

We manage each aspect from start to finish, providing assurance that everything is delivered as expected and on schedule – your turnkey solution.

3. Charge Point Operation

Each EV solution is integrated into our sophisticated EV management software, providing real time data, analytics, and reporting.

4. Monitoring and Maintenance

On-going local support ensures that EV chargers remain operational..

Energy Management

What is energy management? Why do I need to worry about it?

The energy requried to charge EVs can be significantly more than the capacity of the electrical infrastructure, which is why it is important to understand and manage the energy to safely and effectively charge EVs. Proper energy management prevents grid overload and reduces the risk of power outages, and can utilise renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind, to power EV charging stations. This can help to reduce carbon emissions and make EV charging more sustainable.


Energy management strategies include implementing smart charging technologies such as load demand manegement that can adjust charging rates based on grid demand. Other strategies include utilising battery storage systems to store excess energy for later use. Effective energy management can help to reduce the costs associated with charging EVs and promote a more sustainable transportation system.


Sonic Charge specialises in energy management for charging EVs, and uses the latest technology and methods to optimise the charging process to ensure efficient use of electricity.

Energy available is static and distributed between all connected vehicles, ensuring an even distribution of energy and maximises the existing capacity of sites with little additional cost

Energy available is dynamic and is shared by all EVs charging and maximises full power when it is available.

Static Load Management

In this arrangement, the fixed charging power is distributed between all connected vehicles. The risk of installation tripping is eliminated as consumption is capped at a defined maximum load value.

Static Load Management is the most basic energy management method, ensuring an even distribution of energy and maximises the existing capacity of sites with little additional cost for dynamic load management systems.

Dynamic Load Management

Dynamic Load Management optimizes charging as it allows for the dynamic change of available power by immediately reacting to energy flow changes in the power system. This gives the possibility to balance the power distribution to all EVs plugged, using full power whenever it is available.

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