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Sonic Charge

Bringing power to you.


4 bays - very convenient. Just tap your bank card and it's good to go.


Great location to charge and have a coffee along Oxford Street or just do a little shopping. Need to see more like this throughout Perth metro areas!


Excited to see 4 outlets @ 11kW charge rate! Well done

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End to end delivery of EV chargers

What We Do.

Everything EV Charging

Sonic Charge provides a full range of services for the end-to-end delivery of EV Chargers, including:

  • technical and commercial consultation to develop the right EV charging solution for you

  • procurement of EV chargers

  • EV charger installation and commissioning

  • static and dynamic load demand management

  • charge point operation

  • monitoring and maintenance

  • EV charger monetisation

EV Charger solution development

Solutions developed for you from the ground up, ensuring your needs and expectations are met.

Monitoring and Maintenace

On-going monitoring and local support ensures that EV chargers remain operational.


Sonic Charge manages each aspect from start to finish, providing assurance that everything is delivered as expected and on schedule - your turnkey solution.

Charge Point Operation

Each EV solution is intergrated into our sophisticated EV management platform, providing load demand management, charger monetisation, real time data, analytics, and reporting.

EV Charging Solutions.

Energy Management.

Charge Point Operations.

Keep it simple. 

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