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Sonic Charge

Looking for an EV charging installation provider in Perth CBD that handles full stack of EV charging management for you? We at Sonic Charge have been at the forefront of becoming Australia’s dependable installer and operator of EV charging stations.


From installation to management and support, we take out all the hassles involved in building an EV charging stack from scratch, so you don’t have to. Get simple, hassle-free management for your electric vehicle charging needs from a solutions provider you can trust. Inquire now!


How We Work


At Sonic Charge, we're on a mission to revolutionise the EV charging experience and make it simple for everyone involved.


Cutting down the hassles of subscription-based services and connection fees, we work on a complete pay-as-you-go model for EV drivers, allowing you to monetize your EV chargers and leverage profits as you sell power to customers. No hassles of signing up or downloading apps – just easy, straightforward charging.


We also offer partnerships to host our fully-funded rapid charging stations. By installing our chargers, not only will you benefit from our leasing arrangements but also from increased foot traffic and business from visiting EV drivers.


Want to install and monetise your own EV charging solution? We’ll provide a complete turn-key solution with the support you need to keep your customer’s fleets powered at all times.

Your Trusted Partner for EV Charging Solutions in Perth CBD

Bringing power to you.

As your one-stop-shop for EV charging services, Sonic Charge provides everything from supply to installation and support of our EV chargers, complete with our software to manage and control these stations.


We are proud to collaborate with a diverse range of partners. So, whether you’re a government agency, property group, or local business, we’ll provide a complete, sustainable EV charging solution without making it look complex.


Our team at Sonic Charge develops and delivers turnkey EV charging solutions that’s totally tailored to meet your unique needs, from the initial procurement of your EV chargers to installations and support. We will work closely with you, understand your requirements from start to finish to ensure EV chargers meet your needs and operate as intended.


Our software, developed in house in Perth, provides features that meet your unique needs without the delay or dependence on external software providers. It's this self-sufficiency in software development that not only enhances our flexibility but also keeps us ahead.


Choose Sonic Charge for an EV charging solution that's innovative, customer-focused, and constantly evolving to meet the needs of your growing business.

Why Us as Your EV Charging Installation Partner in Perth CBD


4 bays - very convenient. Just tap your bank card and it's good to go.


Great location to charge and have a coffee along Oxford Street or just do a little shopping. Need to see more like this throughout Perth metro areas!


Excited to see 4 outlets @ 11kW charge rate! Well done

Our Plugshare Reviews

End to end delivery of EV chargers

What We Do.

Everything EV Charging

Sonic Charge provides a full range of services for the end-to-end delivery of EV Chargers, including:

  • technical and commercial consultation to develop the right EV charging solution for you

  • procurement of EV chargers

  • EV charger installation and commissioning

  • static and dynamic load demand management

  • charge point operation

  • monitoring and maintenance

  • EV charger monetisation

EV Charger solution development

Solutions developed for you from the ground up, ensuring your needs and expectations are met.

Monitoring and Maintenace

On-going monitoring and local support ensures that EV chargers remain operational.


Sonic Charge manages each aspect from start to finish, providing assurance that everything is delivered as expected and on schedule - your turnkey solution.

Charge Point Operation

Each EV solution is intergrated into our sophisticated EV management platform, providing load demand management, charger monetisation, real time data, analytics, and reporting.

How Can I Maintain My Electric Charger?


Our chargers come with original equipment manuals which detail maintenance requirements for each charger, but typically it’s always important to check visually for damage to cables and EV charger itself. When deciding where to install the EV charger, it’s important to consider adequate weather protection and shade from direct sunlight to extend the life of the EV charger. For technical issues or concerns, our team is always available to call to help.


How Much Does EV Charging Installation Costs?


Level 2 AC chargers and installation costs range from about $2,500 to $6,000. For Level 3 DC chargers, costs can range anywhere from $30,000 all the way up to +$100,000 depending how fast you want to charge and the available electrical infrastructure. The costs associated with EV charging installation involve considering several key factors such as the type of charger being installed, the complexity of the installation, and the need for electrical upgrades. Additionally, local permits and inspections may add to the expense. We provide competitive pricing on our installation and support, simply get in touch with us for a free quote.


What Are the Different Types of EV Chargers I Can Install?


EV charging options include Level 1 Chargers for slow, overnight charging using standard outlets; Level 2 Chargers for faster charging requiring professional installation; and Level 3 Chargers for the quickest charge, typically found at public stations. While Level 1 and 2 use alternating current (AC), Level 3 employs direct current (DC) for rapid charging. The type of charger you choose depends on your vehicle’s specifications and the charging speed you need, as well as your available electrical infrastructure capacity.


EV Charging Solutions.

Keep it simple. 

EV Charging Solutions.

Energy Management.

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