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Sonic Charge

364 Oxford Street EV Charger Installation 

Two day installation of (EV) Electric Vehicle Chargers. 

Sonic Charge delivered 2 x Type 2 EV chargers to 364 Oxford Street for public use. Two dual port Type 2 chargers were installed, servicing a total of 4 car bays.  Sonic Charge invested in the project and procured and installed the EV chargers. The delivery of the project was fully managed by Sonic Charge, performing well within the time schedule allocation and was completed with zero health or safety incidents. 


Sonic Charge is the Charge Point Operatior of the site, ensuring the EV chargers operate as intended through real time data analytics and reporting. We tested our solution for ourselves, and are constantly learning and improving our services.


We believe in being a customer of our own services so we never lose sight of the issues clients face and to find opportunities to improve. We wouldn't ask you to make an investment in charging infrasturcture without proving it works for us first.

364 Oxford Street EV Charger Installation 
364 Oxford Street EV Charger Installation 

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Let's build the future of electric vehicle charging together.


Solutions that are Powering the Future.

We believe that EV charging is not just a technology, but a critical element in the journey towards a more sustainable future. By partnering with us, businesses can play an active role in reducing their carbon footprint, improving air quality, and getting ready for the present and emerging requirements of electric vehicles.

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