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Sonic Charge

Our Story

Sonic Charge was established to address the demand for electric vehicle infrastructure in Western Australia. Globally, the adoption of electric vehicles is significantly advanced when compared to Australia. There is huge opportunity for the Australian transport industry to grow and embrace this movement/technology.

Sonic Charge are tried and tested, building their first charging station on Oxford Street in Leederville, Perth. Sonic Charge operates their own network, meaning the solutions we deliver for you is tried and tested by us first and are constantly improving. We pride ourselves on doing what we say we'll do and are ready to fulfill the increasing need for EV charging infrastructure in WA and the rest of Australia.

Sonic Charge EV charging

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Our  Values


If we said we would, we will.


We deliver our services through trusted relationships, tailored solutions, and exceptional service.


We find solutions to meet the needs of each client, not just offer a "one-off" solution that meets our business mode.

How long does it take to charge an electric car?

An hour on a level 2 fast AC charger (7kW-22kW) will result in 40 - 100km of range depending on your EV.

A Level 3 DC fast charger (25kW-350kW) can add 150km to full range in 15 minutes.

How do I maintain my EV charger?

The environment and use of a charger can cause wear and tear, and some internal components can become faulty over time.

If this happens, our local team is ready and qualified to assist with maintenance and faulty issues.

Is EV charging more expensive than petrol cars?

The cost of charging an EV varies depending on several factors such as the cost of electricity in your area, the efficiency of your EV, and the type of charging station you use (Level 1, 2 or 3 chargers).


Generally, the cost of charging an EV is typically less expensive than the cost of filling up a petrol car, especially when comparing the cost per kilometre traveled.

What are the different types of EV chargers and how are they defined in the market?

The EV charger market is rapidly evolving, but they are usually defined as Level 1 (slow), Level 2 (fast), or Level 3 (fastest) chargers.

Is EV charging more expensive than petrol cars?

Level 1 chargers are chargers that are plugged into a generic AC wall socket.


Level 2 are AC chargers that utilise a 3-phase connection to deliver power to your EV

Level 3 are DC chargers that connect directly to the battery in your EV and can produce the fastest charging.

What is the lifespan of an EV charger?

Industry expects a charger to last at least 10 years, however the lifetime depends on it's proper care and can be extended with preventative maintenance.

How do I pay for charging at a public charging station?

Public EV chargers offer a range of payment methods either by your phone, bank card, or even the EV itself.

More Questions? 

Welcome to Sonic Charge.

We are on a mission to become the most accessible charging network in Australia.

Sonic Charge is a local Perth company committed to providing comprehensive electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions to businesses and organisations of all sizes.


Our mission will facilitate the transition to sustainable transportation by empowering businesses to offer convenient, reliable, and cost-effective charging options to their employees, customers, fleets, and community.

We plan to do this by meeting people where they are and provide them with charging services at places they already love.

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